JINcomplete.net is intended to be a collection of information about the career of Japanese pop singer, Akanishi Jin. JINcomplete.net will strive to be a comprehensive fansite and archive.

This site will eventually include:
– lyrics (with English translations, when applicable) to every song
– a synopsis, cast list, viewership/box office ranking, and release information for every drama or movie
– a list of every magazine article, with English translations for as many as possible
– a list of every TV appearance, with either translated transcripts or brief summaries of each
– a list of all live shows, including a set list, if available
– a detailed discography, including track lists, release dates, and links to purchase

This site will NEVER include:
– downloads of any files, including audio, video, or image
– links to file downloads

The name, JINcomplete, has two meanings. The first is “JIN, complete” representing the goal of this site to be a complete collection of all information about Jin Akanishi. The second is “(J)Incomplete” because, well, this site, much like Jin Akanishi, will always be a work in progress. It will forever be incomplete.

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